The Flavour of Vinegar

Acetaia Asi' delle Langhe

When Claudio Rosso offered us the opportunity to continue at CasaMatilda the Vinegar Cellar "Asi delle Langhe" we did not believe it to be possible, but after having thought about it we realised that CasaMatilda is exactly the right place for this historic Langhe ‘Acetaia’. It would have been a real shame to lose this important piece of our territory’s heritage.

Our vinegars are simple, genuine and slow, like everything we do. They are produced using the Orleans method where an excellent raw material, the care of man and the slow passage of time, create a product of the highest quality. The range: "Dogliani" wine vinegar, "Moscato" wine vinegar, the specials: "Barolo" wine vinegar, " Langhe Nebbiolo" wine vinegar, Red Wine vinegar flavoured with herbs and finally a delicious seasoning of cooked must of Moscato (balsamic type), as well as some really special reserves.

Our vinegars are excellent culinary condiments to be used on salads, for antipasti like "carpionata", with grilled or baked vegetables, to flavour meat or fish and why not also use to season tasty fruit salads? Vinegar is mistakenly considered to be badly preserved wine, but it is not so, vinegar is the goal of a long journey that the grapes take after being picked from the vine ... it is with this spirit that I return to the vineyard every winter to begin the cultivation process...

The Acetaia can be visited by appointment.